“It’s Just a Season.”

“It’s just a season” is a phrase that comes up weekly for my friends and I. It’s a phrase that carries a lot of weight, it has multiple impactful meanings. In one regard, it’s meant to give you a sigh of relief, “It’s just a season! You can do this, and this too shall pass.” Or, it can give you a nice pep talk, or inspiration to stop, dig in and choose joy in the season you’re in. I’d imagine that no matter where you are in life, a soaring career, small children at home, going through transition, an unwanted divorce or seeking your soul mate, it really applies to us all.

This too shall pass. This is another phrase that I use a lot. It’s usually when you’re in a frustrating or hard situation, because, it’s just true, it WILL pass. You may be suffering a loss, heart-broken, just exhausted or tired, and the truth is, this season will pass. One day you’ll look up and your kids are taking care of themselves. One day you’ll look up and be happy again. One day you’ll look up and find your partner or the spouse you’ve been praying for. One day you’ll look up and see your prodigal son or daughter come home. The fact is, that this season will be over before you even realize it. So in the moment, find RELIEF, find solace, find peace in the fact that this WILL make you stronger. This waiting will make you the wife, mother, boss babe, you’ve always wanted to be, it’s just a part of the process of becoming that woman you’ve always dreamt of becoming or admired. So even when it’s hard, just remember, this too shall pass. It just a season and before you know it, you’ll be in a new one. So learn all you can learn. Feel all you can feel. Stop and soak up those moments of longing, waiting or exhaustion because it won’t be here for long.

Choose JOY, because if you don’t, you’ll look up one day and realize you missed it all. IMG_4024You missed the season because you spent your time being anxious, dreaming about the next phases of life, being disappointed for where you are or keeping so busy that you miss it all together. A friend recently shared this on social media and it was so what I needed to hear, “God is not in a hurry. You are. It’s why you are tired. It’s why you are anxious, stressed and disappointed. Today, I pray you surrender your timeline in favor or His peace.” No matter what season you’re in, and we’re all in one, choose today to CHOOSE joy.

And listen, I don’t mean let’s all choose to ignore our stress, our anxious thoughts or choose more wine (which let’s face it, does bring lots of temporary happiness), but I mean choose JOY. Choosing joy in each and every season means choosing to embrace the season for what it is. For me, it’s choosing to work less so I can be more present for my child. That sounds super simple and like, oh yes, great choice Carol. But it’s HARD. I’m a 3 in the enneagram scale so I basically find meaning by working and accomplishment. So for me not to choose work and choose to be present for Kennedy while she’s young is for real a struggle. And listen, working moms, that’s not a knock on you, I see you and know you all and see you rocking it all. I truly believe God calls some of us back to work, some of us home, and some of us to do it all! So instead of waking up and being frustrated or tired or spending each day looking for the next, let’s today choose to embrace THIS season. For me, I’m going to ask God what HE wants from me in this season. I’m going to try and resist the urge to be busy or discontent and lean into the season God has me in, because I know if I don’t, I’ll look up and it will be over.

So ladies, today let’s stop and pray that God helps us to embrace the season we’re in, choose joy in this season, and decide to ABIDE in Him so He can show us all the amazing things He has for us in this season. I truly believe every season we’re in is God preparing us for the next. Get excited because God never wastes a hurt, He always keeps His promises, His timing is ALWAYS better than our own, His plans are better than our plans (I have to remind my control-freak self that daily), and He IS preparing us for great things ahead.


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